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Our Story
Our Story
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  We Make You Profit
How do we do this?
An investor purchases what we would call a ‘great deal’. He decides to get a quick return on his investment and make a profit but there are a number of areas that need up-dating.
He does not have the time or resources to do this.
Let’s say:
  • The house has a 11/2 bathroom and would sell better with a 2.
  • One interior wall needs to go to create a more open living area
  • A small window in the front of the house needs to be replaced with a larger window to bring in more light and create a greater curb-side house appeal
  • The house needs a coat of paint
Here’s where we get into action:
  • We access the different objectives and options and give you a cost and time analysis on these changes
  • Our experienced talented team will side-by-side accomplish these make-overs and get the job done from START 2 FINISH
  • The house has more market value, atmosphere and buying appeal and now is ready
What is the value:
Now ad our costs to your initial buying price and ask considerable amount more for the house and make a greater profit. It is that simple.
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