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When I first saw Mr.Plake, I told him he is my guardian angel.
He's has been there for me through thick and thin. Mr. Plake is the best landlord I have ever had,
also one of the sweetest people I know. He takes the time out to talk to me and listen to my wows
and is always ready to help. I am a disabled mother with 3 children and we are truly blessed by
Mr. Plake.
Donna Brewer

Mr. Plake has been our landlord for 3 years and in that time he has become part of our family, He
has done more than our expectations and he attends immediately to any problem that may occur in our
home. We were first amazed at the many upgrades he put into our home and the good quality of
workmanship. What a landlord, he is very special to my husband, myself and our 3 children.
The Douglass Family
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